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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Virtual Data Room

Why you may need a virtual data room?
The traditional land-based data room is not able to satisfy the ever-growing demands of deal-makers. Nowadays, secure file sharing and convenience of data exchange are in the base of successful execution of projects and transactions. When working on any virtual deal businessmen do not want to waste time on trips and face-to-face negotiations, they do not want to bother themselves with the risks of cyber attacks and frauds. Therefore, they choose VDRs. These online repositories are accessible 24/7 worldwide and are equipped with the wide range of options and tools that speed up and facilitate the accomplishment of any project.
The popularity of  virtual data rooms encourages numerous vendors to work on the advanced services and to offer them in the market. Obviously, data room services differ from each other: every customer can find the room that would feature the instruments required for quick and painless execution of any deal. Hence, regardless the industry and specific aspects of the project, it is possible to select a VDR that would come in handy and simplify the life of deal-makers.
Avoidable mistakes upon choosing deal room
The demand for virtual data rooms increases day by day. And today it is even harder to choose the reliable and trustworthy vendor among all the data room providers. It does not mean that the risk of entrusting confidential information to fraudsters is high - it means that you can get the low-quality services for a considerable amount of money. Therefore, when looking for an online data room, you have to pay attention not only to secure document sharing options offered by certain vendors but also to numerous other criteria:
Bad reputation
First of all, evaluate the image a certain vendor has in the market. Previous and current clients’ feedback, discussion forums, partners’ advice, expert reviews - all these sources can help you understand if the provider has a good reputation or if it seems dubious and you should better avoid cooperation with such vendor.
Cheap price
The low price might look seductive. At the same time, it is a bit suspicious: how did the vendor manage to reduce the price. Perhaps, the low price means the lack of data protection or any other functions.
Lack of functions
There is a certain list of standard tools that every data room is expected to be equipped with. Thus, to utilize a VDR productively you need activity tracking option, Q&A section, digital rights management, 24/7 support, etc. If the room lacks any of this aspects you might be limited in your actions during the deal execution.
Too many functions
You should be aware of what you expect to get from the room and which functions are needed to ensure successful execution of your project. Many vendors try to equip their rooms with unique and advanced options. But usually they are excessive - you simply do not need that many functions. Hence, make sure that you are paying for the features you really need.
Inconvenient interface
The room should be simple and intuitive in navigation. It should feature such options as advanced search and filtering tools, integration with Microsoft Office, multi-lingual interface, in-document linking, etc. If the room lacks any of these features it means that it will not be comfortable enough for you to utilize the room.
No free trial
Before purchasing a subscription you should try the room and make sure that the options it claims to provide you with work properly. Decent vendors give you a chance to use the trial version. If there is no such an option then you, probably, need the different VDR.
No customization
Each project is unique. Thus, customized solutions are required to make the virtual data room consistent with the goals and needs of every customer: the rooms should be designed in corporate colors and have logos embedded, emails and documents should be branded. Obviously, not every deal needs such special attitude but the vendor that offers only standard templates might be not the best choice.
If the room can be characterized with any of the aspects listed above then you should better look for another VDR: purchasing a subscription for this one would be a mistake.
<h3> The best virtual data room solutions </h3>
When choosing a VDR you have to be more than attentive and to do your best to avoid numerous mistakes: meticulous virtual data room comparison has to be done. Eventually, the room that seems to be perfect for one project would be completely inconvenient for the other. Hence, there is no universal advice on which VDR provider to trust. However, the most reputable vendors are usually experienced enough to find an approach to any client regardless the complexity of his project.
iDeals data room has been utilized in various industries for more than eight years. Being one of the top-10 data rooms, iDeals VDR is treated as the wise choice: the room is equipped with numerous advanced and unique options and can be easily customized to meet the client’s requirements.

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